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Beneath the neon glow of Tokyo and bustling streets of NYC, lies a shared heartbeat uniting day and night.

Both cities, alive with an unyielding energy, invite wanderers and dreamers alike to lose themselves in a maze of endless possibilities. It's here, at this intersection of two iconic cities, where Kin Gin, meaning Gold & Silver, embraces this juxtaposition to bring the essence of a modern Izakaya to Lower Manhattan. Flavorful, bold, and dynamic, Kin Gin is the electric embrace of laughter, music, and the distinct clanging of a bustling restaurant and bar. Featuring small plates, bespoke cocktails, Japanese Sake and Shochu, the menu is perfect for sharing among colleagues, friends, and family. Japanese ingredients and traditional culinary techniques are paired with products from local farms, ranches, and fish markets. There is no beginning or end to the menu, just shared experiences where everyone creates their own dining journey. Designed as an extension of home, the environment is instantly comfortable while the palpable vibe is upbeat and energetic. Join Kin Gin and whisper to the world: the day is ours, the night is young, and in it, we are one. KANPAI!

Our Team